Does your company want to push its limit?

Then I want to be your guide and sounding board!

New markets require your initiative. Your product/ service is waiting to expand? Or 'issues' at your production site or just time for expansion? And yet you hesitate... because you end up outside the comfort zone of doing your daily business.

Fortunately there are people who can support you. Have experience with the issues you are currently facing and who successfully take the leap that you want to make. 

Trying always works.

Why me?

I look back on years (and still) of doing business internationally with great pleasure. I assisted dozens of foreign companies with their entry into the Dutch market. And the other way around I brought Dutch companies outside our borders.

I helped company directors to prepare their strategic plans, to formulate their mission and vision, to shrink and to grow. So you can say that as a visionary I bring a good dose of experience. Plus a huge network of active business partners at different levels in numerous branches at home and abroad.

I'm taking & guiding you with me-

I am happy to help you (out of the box) through the upcoming phase of your business development. I think along with you as a sounding board and initiator. We develop the right strategy together, where you can draw on the skills that I bring: business talent, the necessary legal knowledge, a scientific education and a strong sense of interaction with people & no nonsens attitude!

Talking is important with every form of business. I learned and experienced that in practice. A light tone. A wink. A light-hearted attitude from person to person. So I am always there for you. To bring you with advice where you want to go (in good and less good times..)

This is me-

- Ilan Kalo, born in 1971 in Tel Aviv.

- WO / University education (Geography / Urban Planning / Economic Planning combined with philosophy).

- Since 2000 in the Netherlands, but always maintaining fruitful connections with other countries.

- Now available to you as;

  • Business coach, 
  • Sparring partner, 
  • Business developer, (local & international)
  • Sounding board, 
  • Business supervisor, 
  • Business consultant, (legal, market research)
  • EU business agent,
  • Company formation advisor,
  • Crisis manager, 
  • Interimmer and collaborator.

Who are you?

Please contact and tell me.

A first interview will not cost you anything. And the sequel doesn't have to be expensive either. Each case is different, as well the way of cooperation, in other words; many / different ways (can) bring you to Roma...

- The basic pricing system is (accessible) hourly rate.

- It is better to perish with your own vision than with the vision of someone else. -