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Brief portfolio:

Internationaal Patent company: set up local office / business ID in the Netherlands,

- Legal support,
- marketing,
- agent,
- sales,
- international business development services.

 'Sunblade': innovative (patented) sunglasses (NL product),

- Built an international distribution network in Israel and associated countries,
- marketing,
- import duties,
- sales network. 

Forex- Strato: currency trading platform from America,

- Set up in the Netherlands,
- legalization,
- assistance with the AFM process,
- establish a LTD (BV),
- building an ICT platform,
- back office and all local business development requirements. 

Magicom: ICT company,

- Expansion in the Netherlands,
- market research, 
- marketing & sales,
- total back / support office. 

PhP: technical laser products,

- Founding from 'scratch',
- come up with a concept,
- put on the market. 

Several international companies (oil, trading, import/ export, charities & holding companies)

- Help settle in the Netherlands,
- to expand,
- build local network,
- legal support,
- general management. 

These are just a very few of the projects I worked on over the years, so no shortage of experience in the areas of legal, management, sales & marketing. My strengths lie in my business insight, accessible personality and very good analytical skills.

I would like to explain more about my experience, track record and "why I / I.K." in a personal conversation. 

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